Sopa de Platanos Plantain soup

4 very green plantains

4 cups of either chicken or beef stock
1/2 tsp salt or to taste
2 tbsp. of sofrtito ( a chopped mix of green peppers, onion,cilantro and tomatoe)
Any meat you would like to add about 1 cup, either chicken, ham or beef. ( meat should de already cooked)
2 tbsp. of olive oil
Oil to fry the plantains

In a 3 qt. pot add oil and heat just to be able to sautee the sofrtito . Cook for 3 minutes. Add the meat selected and cook 2 more minutes. Add the stock and let it simmer.

Peel the plantains and cut in rounds, about six per plantain. Fry in oil that is hot enough to cook through the plantains a couple of minutes. They will be crispy outside but tender inside. Drain on paper towel. Now crush with a fork and add the pieces to the stock that is simmering.

Allow to simmer for 5 to 8 more minutes so that the soup will thicken. Taste to see if it needs more salt. Serve with white rice on the side. Delicious! (If it thickens too much you can add more stock.)

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Sep 08, 2015
by: Jenny

It's so nice topic "Sopa de Platanos Plantain soup". I am glad to see this topic and information...

Sep 05, 2015
by: H***r

This is a very great & impressive article by you.

Aug 27, 2015
Nice post
by: jhon

You have mentioned a easy recipe to make soup,this soup looks very delicious.I will try to cook it soon.

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