Villas Brigitte Vacation Villas in Sosua

by Arthur Donelly
(Miami, USA)

Entrence Villa

Entrence Villa

It was a fantastic experience having stayed at Villas Brigitte vacation villas. The short walk to the beach was just right - and midway between Sosua and Cabarete was ideal. We spent most of our time on the huge terrace which wraps itself

around the house.

My girlfriend was very comfortable and I had the much needed relaxation. We spent most of our time on the huge terrace which wraps itself around the house.

The staff was outstanding, they met, and even anticipated our every need. Villas Brigitte is truly worth more than you pay for. I'm just a little upset I didn't discover this place sooner.

I will be back soon!


Visiting the Dominican Republic Editor Note:
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Jul 30, 2023
Family of four NEW
by: Anton Willis

The location was convenient to anything that we wanted to do. It was very clean and was the perfect accommodation for our needs. The host responded promptly to any questions or concerns that we had. The check in was quick and easy as well.

Jul 29, 2023
Best Place in Sosua NEW
by: Anto Meyer

We enjoyed every minute of our stay. We booked already for next year again

Jun 26, 2023
Best place to stay in Sosua NEW
by: Carl Peters

We stayed here for our honeymoon, and we couldn't have had a better experience. The staff was courteous and kind. An absolutely amazing pool- and ocean-view. I could not have asked for a better place to spend my honeymoon.

Apr 25, 2022
The worst rental property in Sosua.
by: Allan H. Adams.

Villas Brigitte is very likely the worst rental property in all of Sosua. The accommodation, three small houses behind the main house which were off limits to me, and the apartment in the main house in which I spent the winter of 2021-22 are situated near the beach. I can only comment on the apartment which was, in many ways, enormously unsatisfying.
However the bigger problem and one that will be faced by anyone who reserves a space in Villas Brigitte is having to deal with the older German couple who own the property. They are without doubt the most unpleasant, unfriendly, inhospitable, disagreeable rental owners you will ever meet in the DR.
Do not be misled by the positive reviews here and elsewhere - Google and TripAdvisor. They are fraudulent and likely posted by the family.
Apartment "C" in the main house is a 1 bedroom unit suitable for 1 or 2 persons. It is as cheaply furnished as possible - two hard wicker chairs, 1 small round table more like a plant stand and a hideously uncomfortable 2 person wicker "sofa". There is no dining table on which to eat or put your computer.
I asked fo9r a comfy armchair for the balcony. I was told to buy my own. I did. I asked for a chaise lounge to use by the pool - none are supplied. Imagine!! Again, I was told to buy my own. When the owner's wife finally bought one, she told me I was expected to pay half the cost. I refused.
The WiFi connection in the unit was weak so the owner grudgingly agreed to run a cable into the apartment. He then demanded I pay for 1/2 the cost of the router. To keep the peace, I did.
The walls are dirty and cracked. Paint is peeling throughout. The ceilings leak in a heavy rain. A crystalline growth can appear on the walls after a prolonged period of rain. When this happened, I asked the wonder to remove it. He refused. He told me to do it myself! The tiny, cheap TV has a screen size barely larger than that of a laptop.
Kitchen appliances and utensils are old, rusty and well used. You will be told that if anything breaks or wears out as it surely will, you will be responsible for its replacement at your expense.
Maid service is weekly, but the bedding is only changed once every two weeks. During cleaning, the floors are washed and the bathroom cleaned. Renters are responsible for cleaning everything else.
Bedding is a mish-mash of old, poor quality
sheeting none of which fits properly or comfortably. I bled onto the corner of a sheet. She demanded I buy a new one. I had no choice so I did.
3 ceiling fans cool the unit. The one in the bedroom is so noisy as to be unusable at night. The owner promised to replace it but he never did. A 20% premium is added to the monthly electric bill to pay for diesel fuel for the back up generator. The owner also charges double what anyone else charges for bottled water.
Everything with these people is about money. Once paid, in full upon arrival, the owner acts as if he could care less if his tenant stays or goes. There is no sense of hospitality; no sense of a desire to ensure enjoyment of the property. The atmosphere is more like that of a halfway house than a guest house.
There are no refunds for any reason whatsoever. Once paid, rental monies and security deposits are forfeit if the client must leave unexpectedly.
In sum, the Stuckmans are beyond question the most disagreeable, inhospitable, unpleasant people I have ever met in 5 years of renting in the DR. Mr. Stucknam is a common, low class, boorish lout, a perpetually scowling man with zero personality. Mrs. Stuckman is a hideous little bag of concentrated misery whose corrosive, mendacious presence is enough to ruin every encounter no matter the occasion. She is a woman given to criticizing everyone and everything.
Every request is treated as an imposition. Every encounter with either owner is an extreme test of patience. There is no goodwill or feeling of client concern with either of these people.
Most clients come once and never return. There are many other welcoming rental properties in the Sosua area that will provide a delightful Caribbean experience. This is not one of them.
My strong recommendation: avoid this place and these people like the plague.

May 20, 2016
starstarstarstarstar NEW
by: Order Essay

Great that you have provided this review! You did not only share your impressions and experience from visiting Villas Brigitte, but also provide the others with the up-to-date information.

Nov 12, 2015
Villas Brigitte NEW
by: Anonymous

These Brigitte villas have brought much joy to our vacation last year and we enjoyed the stay more than anything. We have read from college papers writing service about the great accommodations in Sousa and eventually ended up here. Although we were unsure about a new place initially, the moment we stepped in the place seemed like Paradise and the way they take care of people is outstanding.

Mar 20, 2013


Oct 25, 2011
Villas Brigitte

This was an unforgettable vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Villas Brigitte. I so wish I was still there, sure hated to have to leave the sunshine. The villa was awesome, well equipped, cozy, and clean. The staff was incredible. Everyone was super nice, from the cleaning maid of the house to the mangment.
It was only about 2 minute walk to the beach.
The Beach houses are absolutely beautiful and was exactly as it appeared in the photo's we'd seen when booking.
Location wise it's close enough to the buzz of Sosua but being tucked away on a quiet side street made us feel far away from it all.
A peaceful, cozy, tastefully decorated quaint vacation villa with bucket loads of character. A perfect romantic getaway which we can't wait to visit again.
Highly recommended!

Sep 29, 2011
We loved this place
by: Chris White

We loved this place. If you are staying at Villas Brigitte in Sosua this is the perfect place to stay. It is only 5 driving minutes away from Sosua center. The villas are very nice and clean. I will never stay anywhere else in Sosua.
We really enjoyed our stay at Villas Brigitte. Nicely decorated Villas and well kept. The villas are very clean and convenient parking in a secured parking lot.
The perfect base from which you can explore all the nightlife.

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