Want to Know Where
to Buy Mamajuana?

The Answer is: Right Here!

We're often asked about where to buy mamajuana. So naturally we looked for the most reliable supplier of the most authentic product. That's why we are particularly pleased to bring to you, right here, an opportunity to buy genuine Dominican Mamajuana -- the unique and secret herbal mix that is the basis of the liquor often referred to as 'herbal viagra'! ;-)

In the Dominican Republic you will find the Mamajuana drink widely available - and no doubt everyone who concocts it will claim their particular Mamajuana recipe is the best and most effective! It's a matter or pride...

Well we are happy to bring you the very best, genuine Dominican Mamajuana herbal and botanical mix, with its own secret blend of 19 potent herbs, bark, roots and leaves, giving it good cause to claim the 'crown' for being the 'best recipe' available... and perfectly ready for you to add to a 'receptacle' of your choice along with the 'final ingredients'!!

Each food-quality sachet of Mamajuana herbs comes with instructions about how to brew and 'condition' the blend of natural plant-based ingredients to create a perfect batch of Dominican Mamajuana liqueur, both to your tastes AND to achieve maximum potency!

Whichever product size you choose advice about preparing the Mamajuana liquor, according to original native recipes, is also included.

So -- now you know where to buy mamajuana, simply take a look at the product choices range below and place your order. It would be a great fun gift for anyone who needs 'revitalizing'!! Or makes an ideal 'memento' for someone who has that nostalgia for this special drink they first encountered during their sunny and spicy times in the Dominican Republic.

Where to buy Dominican Mamajuana? Right here...


  • POSTAGE & PACKING: This is important! Our prices now INCLUDE packing, postage, and shipping. We are now not only supplying to US addresses, but also to Canada and UK/Europe. Be sure to use the correct order buttons below!!

    We typically advise that delivery will normally take up to 15 working days after dispatch. Delivery may take longer at peak periods such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. But again, please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about estimated delivery dates.
  • All orders come with instructions, straw hat and the filter rope for attaching to a bottle. The Mamajuana herbs are packed in a plastic food bag similar to photographs below. You will just need to supply your own recycled 700ml or 750ml bottle or decorative glass jug of your choice, plus the rum, wine, honey and molasses according to taste and as instructed. (The bottle shown is ONLY for illustrative purposes and is NOT supplied).

    6 ounces Dominican Mamajuana for 750ml bottle

    6oz Pack/s -- or more --  of Dominican Mamajuana
    "Libidinal Vitality Herbs"

    Full 6oz of 'polybag' packs of Dominican 'Vitality' Herbs (will FILL a 750ml bottle)
    Also includes Basic brewing instructions, recipes, "straw hat"
    and rope filter (bottle NOT supplied):

    Supplied to US, Canada, UK/Europe -- Choose Appropriate Button Menu Below and select 1, 2 or 3 packs to view prices (ALL PRICES NOW INCLUDE SHIPPING)... Save money by buying multiple packs!!!

    PLUS Why not include our own 'Secrets of Mamajuana Revealed' EBook at the same time: SEE OPTIONS BELOW

    Buy Genuine Dominican Mamajuana in:

    United States:
    see below

    see below

    see below

    We can supply to US, Canada, UK and European delivery destinations, but are rebuilding our order system at this time -- December 2021 -- (due to personal, business, geographic and other technical issues caused by the global problems in supply chain in recent times), so please contact us directly to ask for details of prices, quantities available, postage and packing costs and delivery schedules. Thank you.


    NOTE: If you live outside these areas and would like to order
    Mamajuana packs OR if you are interested in wholesale quantities, please CONTACT US first to check availability and prices. Thank You.



    RE:Where to buy Mamajuana

    The secret blend of herbs that forms the basis of the Dominican Mamajuana recipe, and the variety of Mamajuana liqueurs that can be brewed from them – hold a very special place in the folklore and culture of the Dominican Republic. Whilst there are many traditional stories and "old wives' tales" about the efficacy and application of Mamajuana for a wide variety of ailments we would like to point out that www.visiting-the-dominican-republic.com makes NO CLAIMS whatsoever for there being any specific medicinal benefits to be gained from consumption of this famous folk-remedy.

    There has never been, as far as we know, any reliable or extensive medical research to assess any claims that have ever been made for this product. Although the stories relating to Mamajuana derive from many years of Dominican tradition. We feature this item on this web site as an genuine example of one of the most traditional of Dominican cultural ‘novelties’. Almost everyone who has ever visited the Dominican Republic will have been introduced to Mamajuana – and having been asked so often where to buy Mamajuana, we offer the opportunity here for people to obtain a ‘memento’ of their sun-drenched Caribbean vacation, if they so wish.

    We also remind anyone who purchases Mamajuana herbals for the purpose of brewing their own Mamajuana liqueur using any typical Dominican Mamajuana recipe (which will most likely include one, or more, types of alcohol-based ingredient) that they should consume the resulting liquor responsibly, in moderation and in accordance with any current advice provided by their national/local medical advisory body in relation to safe levels of alcohol intake.

    If you require comprehensive recipe guidelines and more details about the traditional beliefs about the efficacy of Dominican mamajuana please see our own publication here: Secrets of Mamajuana Revealed.

    Ruth, Esther & Alan - www.visiting-the-dominican-republic.com

    Read more about the history and efficacy of 'liquid viagra' real Dominican Mamajuana!:

    Or - CLICK HERE to go to Visiting the Dominican Republic HOME PAGE.

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