Possibly the Best Pre Paid Phone Card or

How to make an International Call for less

Hi there

This page aims to help you find the best pre paid phone card, and explain how to make an international call for less, particularly when you are calling the Dominican Republic from the US, Canada or Europe.

It will also be helpful if you are planning to call ANYWHERE else in the world!.

I am currently writing more details and compiling options for this page to ensure you really have the optimum choices in order to have the best pre paid or other types of phone card, or calling option at hand. This should help when contacting friends and family, or for economically enquiring about accommodation or other services when visiting the Dominican Republic.

For now I include a link here that may be of interest particularly if you are in the US:

Take a look at what Nobelcom offers - a cheap long distance phone company for US and Canadian callers

Nobelcoms best pre paid phone card options

Nobelcom offers a range of phone card options and may well be worth comparing with How you make an international call for less at the moment.

Please check back soon for more updates and information relating finding the best cheap long distance phone company and how to make an international call for less.

Kind regards


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