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With so many beauties to choose from, Which one will become your favorite?

Hi, on these pages we introduce you to our favourite Dominican Republic beaches.

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Best for tranquil sunbathing - Las Terrenas
Beautiful white beaches, a true taste of the unspoilt

Good for a Family Beach Vacations - Sosua
Great hotels, wonderful bay with a lovely beach, a town
for all the family

Great for Water Sports - Cabarete
The leading resort in the Caribbean for 'adrenalin rush'
watersports...and a nightlife to match!

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Our Dominican Beach Pages

Esther and I discussed for some time the best layout for this page. We both wanted to put forward our own preferences and experiences of the best Dominican Republic beaches, so....

We decided to create two pages, this one called - 'Part One' (my page) and (rather originally!!) 'Part Two' (Esther's page).

On this page I share my own memories about my favourite Dominican beaches and then Esther gives her opinions in Part Two -- Best Beaches. I know it's a bit self indulgent...but I hope you enjoy our reminiscences?!(Let us know if not. We don't want to 'bore' our visitors!! ;-D) I go...

"...Once upon a time... there were two little girls, called Ruth and Esther, who were born in a beautiful country, on a wonderful tropical island - and this place was called the Dominican Republic.

One day the two girls decided to discover if there were other beautiful countries around the world, just like they left home 16 years ago to find 'fame and fortune' ;-)...A quest they are still pursuing!!.


Despite being happy in their new lives, they never forgot the beauty, warmth and charm of their lovely homeland and people...."

OK, OK, we admit it, we sometimes feel nostalgic not to say more than a little homesick!

Well, back to our narrative...

"...When we were kids my sister Esther and I knew which Dominican Republic beaches were our favorites!

We always thought the beaches we'd known and visited so often as children were the best of the many beaches our homeland had to offer. Little did we know then how few we'd really seen…and how wrong we were!

In fact it wasn't until we made a visit to our country as 'tourists' (having lived abroad for a while) that we really 'discovered' the best Dominican Republic Beaches.

Then we realized that...

"...You don't always appreciate what you've got until it's not there..."

Now I know how much I miss the beautiful Peninsula of Samana.

Before moving abroad we were living proof of the saying "you don't appreciate what you've got until it's not there"…and although I wouldn't go so far as to say that "familiarity had bred contempt" certainly turned out to be true that we were "too close to see the wood for the trees"...or should that be "the beach for the palms?" ;-)

...But, when you have lived in Northern Europe for a while, you certainly learn not to take for granted the Dominican Republic's miles of blindingly white picture-perfect palm-fronded sands...

...and the life-enhancing experience of waking-up to the sun shining in a clear blue sky almost every day. Well, the sunshine is only occasionally interrupted by 'tropical downpours'!"

(And now that we have mentioned the Dominican Republic weather, please be sure to check-out our 'weather page'.)

In the following pages we present a selection of my favorite Dominican Republic beaches...because the truth is they all fall into one simple category – they are all astonishingly beautiful – and although you can't really go wrong, it may save you a little time to know which beaches are –

  • Best for tranquil sunbathing - Las Terrenas
  • Good for a Family Beach Vacations - Sosua
  • Great for Water Sports - Cabarete
  • If you find any problems using this page...or if there is any information we haven't provided, do feel free to contact us through the form below...

    Kindest wishes,


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