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Original article by Al Smith

Dominican weather in April merits yet another terrific report. Isn't it a great feeling to know you are heading for vacation to a place that statistics show has 'no' rain days during April?

Of course there can be the odd shower but overall there is typically no more than 7.5 centimeters of rainfall in this warm and wonderful month. Every day you can expect to bask in a comfortably hot-enough 80 degrees F ( degrees C) of sunshine in between dips in the warm sea, or the ocean (depending on where you are based!)

In fact daily temperatures in April can vary between about 73 degrees F (22.5 C) to as much as 84 degrees F (29 C) -- and that is the across the whole 24-hours. Bliss. It's beginning to sound like that old tune from "Camelot" -- "If Ever I would Leave You"...and it certainly wouldn't be in April! Given the option!!

You should wake every morn to the sound of the waves or the cries of the coticas -- the ubiquitous little green parakeets -- and find it between 74 and 75 degrees F (23.5 C). By lunch time it should peak at a little more than 84 degrees F (29 C).

But even in the evening you'll be comfortable in shirt sleeves or light blouse as the temperature will most likely settle to around 78 degrees (25.5 C)- the average for the day during Spring time in the Dominican Republic.

The odd occasion that some precipitation does occur, to refresh the greenery and the air, it will most likely be early to mid evening -- whilst you are most likely partaking of your meal or at least a pre-prandial apperitif... or maybe just a nice cold Presidente! (A bottle of the local cerveza -- one of the Spanish words almost everyone must know!)

Dominican weather April time is a period when the nights are most likely to be dry -- so no raindrops drumming on the hot-tin roof for those even in most basic accommodations! ;D

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