Imagine what it is like
to swim with dolphin!

Many people dream of having a 're-vitalizing' swim with dolphin. These beautiful, inspiring and calming creatures, it seems, can send off healing vibrations of 'friendliness and fun'.

Enjoy this short (4 minute) video from - the viewing of which is a great way to 'chill-out' in a stressful moment. Connecting, for a few moments, with the pictures of dolphin acrobatically at play in the deep blue of the ocean, whilst chattering and whistling at each other - both relaxing and amusing.

We hope you enjoy this little treat - and, if you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out our 'Dolphin Picture' page and our 'Whale Watching' page, too!

We feature many interesting facts about the marvelous humpback whales that swim thousands of miles to mate in the warm tropical waters of the Bahia de Samana, in the North East of the Dominican Republic - every year.

The yearly spectacle of the humpbacks cavorting off coast near Samana Town on the wonderful eponymous peninsula, is further enhanced by the sight of many Spotter dolphin, just like those in the video, that often join the Whale Watching boat trips as they set off from the harbour. We hope you might get the chance to experience some of these wonders when you visit the Dominican Republic on a vacation one day soon ;-)

**** NEW ****

Are You Vacationing on The North Coast?
(Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete)
Then Let Us Assist You in Booking An Unforgettable Experience

OceanWorld - Dolphin Swim

"Dolphins share a special affinity with their human cousins. Playful and friendly, they're anxious to welcome us into the waves with them and at Ocean World; we make this magical meeting a reality.

"With the help of the center's highly trained staff, those lucky enough to take part in the Dolphin Swim slip into the warm Caribbean waters of 'Dolphin Cove' to meet these amazing sea creatures face to face, and hand to fin. You'll be able to stroke their glistening skins, watch them leap and dive and finish up your amazing encounter being carried through the water between two dolphins in a 'dorsal fin' tow..."

Local hotel transfer to and from Ocean World included
(But please note: lunch and drinks are not included)

Available: Daily

Price: US$175 / Children under 12 years US$130

Limited Availability --Be Sure of Your Family's Place
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Dolphin Swim

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