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Dominican Republic vacation!

VISA INFORMATION: Visa are required by all except Nationals of the following countries:

Argentina; Austria; Denmark; Ecuador; Finland; Greece; Iceland; Israel; Japan; South Korea; Liechtenstein; Norway; Sweden; the UK;

Uruguay as tourists only for a maximum of 90 days available at port of entry for US$10.

Nationals of Belgium; France; Germany; Ireland; Luxembourg; The Netherlands; Portugal and foreign nationals who are legal residents of Denmark; France; UK; Germany; Greece; Ireland Italy;

The Netherlands; Portugal and Spain in possession of a valid passport and tourist card.

Nationals of Australia; Canada and the USA and Peru in possession of a legal tourist card valid for 60 days from point of entry.

'Dominican Republic facts' NOTE:
Refer to the nearest consulate
for a complete; up to date list of regulations for all countries. For more information on this subject, please visit our essential tips page

CLIMATE: The island has warm weather all year around, with gentle tropical breezes. For more in depth details please visit our weather page.

AIPORTS: The Dominican Republic now has seven international and five airports receiving flights from all over the world. The main airport is Las Americas International based near Santo Domingo city, then we have:

Airport name
Barahona Maria Montez Intl MDBH BRX
Constanza Constanza MDCZ COZ
Dajabon Dajabon MDDJ
Higuey Punta Cana Intl MDPC PUJ
La Romana La Romana Intl MDLR LRM
Monte Cristi Monte Cristi MDMC
Pedernales Cabo Rojo MDCR CBJ
Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon Intl MDPP POP
Santiago City Cibao Intl MDST STI
Santo Domingo Herrera Intl MDHE HEX
Santo Domingo Las Americas Intl MDSD SDQ

AIRPORT DEPARTURE TAX:Please ensure you have to hand US$ 20.00 before boarding the plane, because this the amount to pay before you are allowed to leave the country (almost enough to make you decide to STAY :-D)! - Passengers under 2 years of age and those in direct transit are exempt from paying this 'tax'.

TRANSPORT: There are several transport system operating in the DR, the most important ones are Metro and Caribe Tours. Among locals the most popular form of transport are “guaguas”. For more about public transport, plus information about Dominican Republic car rental and taxis, please visit our transport page.

TELEPHONE SERVICES: The country Code is 809. IDD: International Direct Dialling is available and the outgoing Code is 011

The main telephone company in the DR is Verizon, previously known as Codetel:


'Dominican Republic facts NOTE':
For making economical calls
to the DR from around the world it is recommended that you obtain a 'Pre-paid phone card'. Take a look at our 'making low-cost international calls' page.

CURRENCY: The Dominican Republic’s monetary unit is the peso, written RD$.

It fluctuates with the market conditions. Dominican paper currency is in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 and 2,000 peso notes

'Dominican Republic facts' NOTE:
Import and export of local currency is prohibited.
You can find ATM in major cities, there are over 100 locations throughout the country.

Most establishments will accept payment in dollars, and many also now accept Euros, but you may change travelers cheques and currency into Dominican Pesos at the 'exchange post' in hotels or in any local bank.

'Dominican Republic facts' NOTE:
NEVER be tempted by offers to change money in the street.
This is a REGULAR SCAM. You WILL BE short changed - no matter how good a rate you are offered. Many unwary tourists fall prey to these currency exchange scams every year, PLEASE don't be one of them!

CREDIT CARDS: All major credit cards are accepted. Travelers cheques, in any international currency, are accepted by some banks - although US$ cheques are most widely accepted.

MONEY WIRING SERVICES: MoneyGram: 1 800 543 4080 and Western Union: 200 1163

BANKING HOURS: All banks open from 0800 - 1600 Mon. to Fri.

POST: Post open 7 days. We strongly advise you to post all mail from the central post office in Santo Domingo - so plan to do this when/if you visit the capital...other postal collections are erratic and may possibly never arrive at their destination. ALL important or official post should be posted in Santo Domingo

ELECTRICITY: The intrenal electrical outlets/plug sockets in the Dominican Republic are of the American style.

'Dominican Republic facts' NOTE:
Electricity is 110 volts
and 60 cycles. Please be aware that the country suffers regular blackouts. You will find that most hotels have their own generators, but a flashlight will be always handy!

POPULATION: Population stands close to the 12 million mark, though final official results of the recent census have not been made public, the city of Santo Domingo now claims it has around three million inhabitants.

LANGUAGE The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, though English, French, German and Italian are spoken in most tourist areas and by tour guides.

'Dominican Republic facts' NOTE:
A good Spanish phrasebook/dictionary
is VERY USEFUL to tajke with you if you plan to tour around and see the real DR, inland there are many areas where few people yet speak English or other languages.


Celebration Date
New Year’s Day January 1
Epiphany January 6
Our Lady of Altagracia January 21
Duarte’s Day January 26
Dominican Independence Day February 27
Good Friday Variable
Dominican Restoration Day August 16
Our Lady of las Mercedes September 24
Dominican Constitution Day November 6

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