Some of the Many Famous
Dominican Baseball Players from
the US Major League game!

There have been numerous famous Dominican baseball players since the ground-breaking time of 'Ozzie' Virgil. The sport has for many years inspired the hearts of most young Dominicans who dream of one day joining the 'Hall of Fame' and perhaps making their own contribution to the improvement of their homeland like so many players have already done.

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Here is a brief summary of just some of the noted Dominican baseball players... (be sure to let us know if we have missed anyone who really ought to be listed, and we will try to add them to the list as soon as we can!)

Famous baseball, or as the Dominicans call it 'beisbol', players from the DR include:

  • Osvaldo 'Ozzie' Virgil - The first Dominican baseball player to make his mark in the US Major League when he joined the New York Giants in 1953. He undoubtedly inspired the dreams and paved the way for the many who have followed.
  • Felipe Alou - The first of the famous baseballing Alou family, he debuted for the San Francisco Giants in 1958.
  • Juan Marichal - Another notable player for the San Francisco Giants who first played for them in 1960.
  • Julian Javier - Born in Ruth and Esther's home town of San Francisco de Macoris - joined St Louis Cardinals in 1960.
  • Rudy Hernandez - from Santiago, the Dominican Republic's 'second' city - first appeared for the Washington Senators in 1960.
  • Mateo (Matty) Alou - Also debuted for the San Francisco Giants in 1960
  • Manny Mota - Hailing from the DR's capital, Santo Domingo, he made his mark initially with the San Francisco Giants in 1962.
  • Rico Carty - From another mighty Dominican Baseballing town, on the South coast, San Pedro de Macoris - played for the Milwaukee Braves from 1963.
  • Jesus Alou - Followed Matty into the San Francisco Giants team in 1963
  • Cesar Geronimo - From El Seibo, first played for the Houston Astros in 1969
  • Pedro Borbon - Born in Valverde, Dominican Republic and made his debut for the California Angels in 1969.
  • Cesar Cedeno - Joined the Houston Astros in 1970...
  • Tony Fernandez - From the home of many other great players, San Pedro de Macoris. He joined the Blue Jays as a regular team member during the 1984 season.
  • Latterly amongst the biggest names of famous Dominican baseball player has been Sammy Sosa. One of seven children from a very poor family, Sosa 'shined shoes' as a youngster for a few pesos, to help the family before almost drifting into baseball at 14 years of age - having given up 'boxing' to please his mother.

    His potential was soon spotted and he joined the Texas Rangers as soon as he legally could at the age of 16 in 1985. He reached the peak of his performance in 1998 when he was rated the US National Leagues Most Valuable Player. He then had several years of exceptional performance.

    In more recent seasons he has experienced injuries and other problems as is wont to happen, later in a career. Some now suspect that he has passed his prime as a player. However he too will most likely enter the Baseball Hall of Fame - in 2011 when he will become eligible to be 'voted in' - for he has surely been one of the most successful and best known famous Dominican baseball players of all time.

    Players like these keep the dream alive for the young sons of almost all Dominican families who eagerly bat the ball all over the training grounds in the Dominican Republic every year, hoping that the scouts from the big American Major League teams will spot their potential. What is certain there will always be more famous Dominican baseball players in the making!

    (NOTE: Be sure to check out our Dominican Republic Baseball article specially written for us by former US Major League player, Bill Bathe.)

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