Santo Domingo Guided Tours
by the Real Thing!

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So, your have chosen Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as your tourist destination? Congratulations! It´s a great choice indeed.

You won't regret your decision because the Dominican Republic has so much diversity to offer that it will blow your mind.

Are you going to stay in a hotel or resort and want to explore outside the walls of your venue? Then no we come to your rescue!

"The Real Thing" is a Guided Tour company ready to take you outside the boring all inclusive resorts and hotels. We can offer you either one day Guided Tour or more, it is your choice.

We think is a fantastic idea to start or end your Dominican adventure with a Guided Tour A Guided Tour can simplify your life whilst you just concentrate in enjoying the experience. Our speciality is to make sure you enjoy every minute whilst we take you around showing the Real Dominican Republic.

If you have come to explore the Dominican Republic, then let us to be your Tour Guide.

Want to explore with us? Good! We offer you a chance to get see what the Dominican Republic has to offer outside the close doors of Resorts. In a Resort you never will experience the Real Thing, the Real people, the Real food, the Real smiles and the real friendliness of the Dominican people. If want to experience the REAL THING, then we get real when come to touring around in Santo Domingo and surrounding areas!

Our services

We start in Colonial Zone – the oldest part of Santo Domingo city. We will guide you the the ancient monuments and houses which can date more than 350 years. If you are from Europe, you will recognize the heritages derived from the classic architecture of Mediterranean style buildings. Inside and outside the Zona colonial you will have the opportunity to discover the local lifestyle, the real Dominican drinks and food, and of course to experience the way of life of the Dominican including their music and their friendly personally. Nothing is faked, just the real Dominican Life.

About Us

The Real DR is a combination of a Social Project and travel services. We arrange Guiding Tours to explore the real and rich culture of this beautiful island. Our main goal is to show you historical monuments and places, people's way of life, culture and the real environment that surrounds the Dominican people in their daily tasks of life. It is an experience that it can involve moments of elation, moments of wonder, moments of humour and many of joy, and of course even some moment of drama! It can't get more exciting that that! :-)

Are you ready for such an experience?

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The excursion

In The Real DR excursions you will have the chance to experience and discover:

  • The historical route starting from the Doors of Colonial city and passing by the most important monuments and typical Dominican places
  • One of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city with its stories and legends
  • Couple of drinks in the Colmado (a 'Colmado' is like a local mini shop that can include a bar - Dominican style bar where local people can spend a lot of time)
  • Dancing classes of the typical Dominican dances with locals
  • Art Gallery and the Larimar workshop of the neighbourhood
  • Lunch in the Dominican family
  • Lesson of Dominican Spanish language and local games
  • You will feel both sides of the culture and get deep into the Dominican reality. Sounds more interesting then just sitting in the hotel, right?

    Price: from just US$65 per person!

    (Note: We will confirm the quote which may be adjusted according to where you collected from -- simply provide details in the initial inquiry form below)

    For more information, please contact us NOW!

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    A bit of history of Barrio Santa Barbara, Zona Colonial

    Barrio Santa Barbara was the first working settlement in Santo Domingo that provided services to the other parts of the city.

    The population of the neighbourhood was combined mostly of brick makers and craftsmen, hard working people and as the response to the spiritual needs of this community the first Cathedral of the America was constructed. The physical form of the Cathedral was borrowed from the church dedicated to Santa Barbara, patroness of miners and gunners from which the neighbourhood takes its name.

    Times were changing and in the 19th century the Santa Barbara neighbourhood became the socially and economically developed district, the district of business and trade - commercial center.

    Right now Santa Barbara neighbourhood is a strong and proud community, that is striving for the development of the area. Members of the neighbourhood council support different programs and make everything possible to make the life of their neighbours better.

    In Santa Barbara , in the architecture and spirit you can feel all the changes that Santo Domingo city came through all those centuries. You can enjoy the view of the ancient buildings and you can see the modern life of typical Dominican family. You can learn about the colorful historical past and you can immerse yourself in the culture of today, with all its peculiarities.

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