Perhaps Relocation to
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Perfect "Retirement Plan"

So what do think makes for the 'perfect retirement plan'? – To move to somewhere that sun shines almost every day, where the costs of living is low, the landscape is beautiful, pastimes are plentiful, and people are friendly? Sounds good! But can you still find somewhere that ticks all those boxes?...

Due to poor retirement planning, money is often tight, confidence to 'move away' from 'where, what and who' you know reduces as you age, days are spent in gloomy rooms, absorbed by trashy 'day-time-TV' and early evening 'soap-operas', and you sit there hoping maybe today the phone will ring, or the door will knock, simply to break the monotony of 'the final countdown'!

A Rude Awakening!

When we are young it's hard to begin to think about the 'last phase' of our lives... we feel all but 'immortal', we are robust, confident and full of 'hopes and dreams'! Anything such as a sensible retirement plan is the last thing on our minds. Somewhere in our 'subconscious' most of us probably hope for a long - healthy - stimulating retirement! 'Heady' days when we can say we've "done our bit"...and it's time to put our feet up and allow ourselves to relax and enjoy life to the full!

For many people they hit a point in their lives when suddenly the concept of 'retirement' becomes a looming reality. Maybe this occurs when we reach milestones like the BIG FOUR-OH! If we manage to blot out the thought for a while it comes back with a vengeance by the time the even bigger FIVE-OH comes around (and we are not referring to 'repeats' of that famous Hawaiian detective series!!)

A Retirement Plan Becomes Essential

So the need to develop a proper 'retirement plan' will become a reality sooner or later for all of us. This is becoming even more important these days, for as the 21st century gets well underway, it is increasingly likely that many of us will live on for considerably more than our 'three score and ten'! ...But what point more years if they are not happy and enjoyable ones?

No doubt those of you in our own generation (without being too specific...that is within 25 years of retirement) should be becoming concerned about the all too frequently re-iterated reminders from our respective Governments, that by the time we reach retirement age... 'there will not enough 'State money' in-the-kitty to go around (no matter that we've been contributing all our working lives!!!) – DEPRESSING ISN'T IT?

What this does mean is - like it or not - we need to consider how we are going to make provisions to ensure that our 'declining years' are not spent entirely in miserable poverty! We need to formulate a realistic 'retirement plan'... but what does this involve?

The Four "P's"

Let's consider some of the key issues that can help us lay a foundation for making headway with planning for retirement that is going to be as enjoyable and fulfilling as we can make it...The framework we are going to use to formulate a sensible retirement plan is what we have called the FOUR P's:-

  • PURSE – See our articles about:
    - Just how much money do you need to retire in reasonable comfort!
    - Investing for Retirement
    And be sure to check out this resource:
    - Financial Planning Software.
  • PLACE – Planning where we would like to spend all or some of our 'golden years'!! Be sure to check out our many articles and videos about the wonderful DR - a great place to plan your retirement for many reasons.
  • PEOPLE – Planning to ensure that we can be with people we'd like to be with - and that we have planned for people we care about!!! The DR has a great community of ex-pats from around the world who have fallen for its charms and are enjoying their retirement in the sun...But the bonus is that the Dominicans, themselves, are rightly recognized as some of the friendliest people in the world, making the Dominican Republic a great place as a focus for your retirement plan.
  • PASTIMES – Planning to keep ourselves stimulated, active and healthy – both mentally and physically!!!! The Dominican Republic is blessed with a wealth of facilities both natural and man-made that ensure that you will never be short of things to do to keep you in the best of health and fully interested in life. For a great and fulfilling retirement - there can hardly be a better place to plan your retirement to - than sun-blessed 'Santo Domingo'.
  • Comprehensive Useful Retirement Planning Advice

    A useful and low cost package of advice for anyone hoping to retire at some stage :) Click on the image to take a look -- this is our affiliate link and although it will not cost you more it WILL help us if you decide to take a closer look at this interesting and informative package of information for anyone anticipating a happy retirement: Naked Retirement package

    How we built this website to help us fulfil our own retirement plan!

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