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Taking Spanish language lessons is a great idea for anyone who is traveling the world because Spanish is the world's second most widely spoken language. It is very useful to have some Spanish under your belt, even a few phrases, if you want to really make the most of a visit to the Dominican Republic.

It is however not a bad idea to plan to take some Spanish language classes in the Dominican Republic itself, which now hosts several good quality Schools that have been established for some years.

There will be a more complete report here very soon but for now we proffer a couple of useful links for anyone seeking Spanish language Schools in the Dominican Republic. These Schools either have bases in the capital, Santo Domingo, or else also offer Spanish language teaching on the North Coast, depending which is most convenient or preferable for you:

Instituto Intercultural del Caribe (IIC) / Casa Goethe


Apartado Postal 326
La Puntilla #2
El Batey
Dominican Republic

Tel.: +1 (809) 571-3185
Fax: +1 (809) 571-3174

Apartado Postal 3494
Arístides Fiallo Cabral # 456
Zona Universitaria
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Tel.:+1 (809) 685-5826
Fax:+1 (809) 689-3241


MABRASKA -- Spanish Language School In Dominican Republic

Tel.: (809) 689-3617/(809) 516-2654/

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