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Dominican Republic Real Estate can offer some of the 'hottest' investment property in the Caribbean

For many people it is just the stuff of dreams – owning a villa on a beautiful, sun-kissed Caribbean island. Here we aim to provide some evidence that the latest Dominican real estate opportunities could convince you that 'fulfilling that dream' is more than a mere possibility.

The last few years have see the so-called 'best-kept-secret' of the Caribbean beginning to shrug off its Cinderella-image. The Dominican Republic is emerging as one of the strongest real estate markets in the region. This is in no little part due to the fact that, as the second largest Caribbean country, with a plethora of natural bounties including huge areas of natural and undeveloped landscapes, blessed with archetypal Caribbean vistas, investors are racing to stake their claim whilst land and real estate prices are still much lower than the DR's smaller and more developed Caribbean cousins.

Even in th current economy 2009 promises to be the Dominican Republic another good year, as far as real estate goes. For those seeking genuinely excellent value with respect to purchasing their own place in the sun – a holiday apartment, a retirement villa or simply a shrewd investment – the Dominican Republic real estate market offers something for everyone and there is never a beter time to buy then when others are reticent.

Something for every type of investor in Dominican Republic Real Estate

Since we launched this site in the last quarter of 2004 we have been researching the Dominican real estate market place with an aim, when the time was right, of introducing these property advice pages. Pages that we hope will help those who are seriously looking for solid and reliable contacts and opportunities in the Dominican Republic real estate 'maze'.

With this purpose in mind, extensive research, communications and questionnaires have led us to develop some trustworthy recommendations for the different real estate investors who may be casting a critical eye over the Dominican property market.

We have identified the following types of investor:

  • Those looking for a vacation/holiday home that should be well positioned within easy reach of key popular destinations to facilitate the acquisition of rental income during the times they do are not using the property personally.
  • Those wishing to find an ideal retirement property, either in near the 'heart of activity' or else 'away from the 'madding-crowd' in a quieter more relaxing sun-drenched setting.
  • Those seeking the perfect 'investment portfolio' property, which might offer first class rental income potential, whilst accruing excellent resale value prospects in the medium to long term.
  • Those opting for a major life change who have identified the Dominican Republic as the place they would like to settle for that perfect balance between job-satisfaction and quality-of-life.
  • With the main objective of fulfilling the needs of these major types of 'property seeker', we will provide information within this section of the project that considers:

  • Things to look out for when entering the Dominican Republic real estate market – purchasing property within the Dominican Republic is remarkably straightforward, yet there are still some important "do's and don'ts", and some key tips which we will provide for you here.
  • A summary of things to considers if planning to buy land, and undertake a building project of your own.
  • A few ideas of our own about the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to where to look for your ideal property in the sun – whether it is cosmopolitan resort; quiet coastal backwater; premier quality development; inland hideaway…etc.
  • We also aim to provide links to some reliable and trustworthy contacts who guarantee premier service and first class customer care when it comes to helping you locate the Dominican Republic real estate opportunity of your dreams.
  • As ever, if we do not provide just what you need to know here on our Dominican Republic real estate pages…then be sure to contact us, and we will do our best to provide any information and assistance that we can.

    Take a look now at some additional Real Estate and luxury Caribbean property 'TIPS'...Find out where the best Real Estate opportunities are opening up in the Dominican Republic now:

  • Where to look for your best Dominican Real estate opportunities

  • OR jump straight to a page of deals that our favorite Real Estate agent is offering NOW!

  • For those looking to invest in a true 'Luxury Caribbean Resort'!

  • Top 10 property buying tips - buy your 'Place in the Sun' safely & succesfully

  • If our Caribbean investment property, and Dominican real estate pages still do not answer the questions you have - fill in our enquiry form - we may be able to help! Or we may at least 'know a man (or a woman) who can assist you with your real estate dreams. We sincerely hope that we might be able to assist you in making your Dominican Republic real estate dreams come true!

    Team at VtDR

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