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We are now pleased to offer a variety of Dominican gifts and Dominican Republic products via our site. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit our beautiful country, the Dominican Republic, every year and many of them can’t resist the inviting colors and uniqueness of handmade and traditional Dominican craft products. But many cannot bring home all the things they might like - or maybe wish, after returning home, that they had bought that 'special item' for themselves or a relative, or friend!.

There is no doubt the Dominican Republic is blessed with a great diversity of beautiful and affordable crafts, and wonderful mementos of a visit to our beautiful country. Superb jewelry featuring Larimar, a gemstone unique to the Dominican Republic, or maybe equally 'ancient' amber - formed in pre-historic times!

Some folks often wish they could buy more of the special Dominican craft item that they saw on their vacation, once they return home. Proof of this desire is the many e-mails we receive from visitors to our website, asking if we sell (or at least if we can tell them where they can buy) 'this, that or the other' Dominican craft or products.

So, naturally, we thought, 'Why not open our own online Dominican Shop?

Why not offer this service to those who can't return to the Dominican Republic just to buy a bottle of genuine Dominican Mamajuana or some Dominican craft, pottery or jewelry items? So here on this site we are developing our own little Dominican craft and products 'shop'!

Not only do tourists find vibrant, colourful and beautifully hand-crafted products in clay, wood, metal and other natural sources, but they also discover items that are impossible to get in other part of the world...such as the beautiful volcanic Caribbean-sea-blue stone of Larimar.

Larimar - unique to  the Dominican Republic


We have feature an article explaining Larimar's fascinating origins and uniqueness. Click here to read more about Dominican Republic larimar, the precious stone forged in the volcanic heat of the 'dawn of time'!

And what about amazing Amber? The amber jewelry and artefacts of the native Tainos are some of the other things that fascinate visitors when they first discover 'La Hispaniola'. Dominican amber is some of the finest in the world, and highly regarded for it's perfect pre-historic 'insect' inclusions (remember 'Jurassic Park' much of the original film was made in the DR). Find out more in our article about Dominican amber right here.

Dominican Amber - some of the world's finest!


NOW you can buy Larimar jewelry and Amber jewelry RIGHT HERE:



Dominican Mamajuana

Some are enticed to buy the exotic and most infamous Dominican drink ‘Mamajuana’! They can’t always wait (or afford) to return to the Dominican Republic soon to get another bottle of the so-called Dominican 'liquid-viagra'...BUT now they can buy genuine Dominican Mamajuana - JUST HERE.

I guess we are not surprised to receive so many enquiries about Mamajuana from tourists who not only want to experience the unique flavour of this famous 'potion', and maybe also to see if the ‘aphrodisiac effects' so many claim this drink to have...are really TRUE?

We invite you to read a special article written by author, and food and drink 'expert', Al Smith (who also happens to be my husband, now!!) about this exotic herbal mixture called ‘Mamajuana’ used to create such a fascinating liquor! WE hope you find the Mamajuana article the article amusing, interesting and maybe even a little educational! In fact you can now buy our own e-book 'Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana - Revealed' - RIGHT HERE!.

To buy Mamajuana, please click here.


Get your own Dominican T-shirt TODAY!

You can also check out a range of 'slightly mad' - Visiting the Dominican Republic products including your own Dominican T-shirt by going to our 'Visiting the Dominican Republic' logo gifts page! it's not really Dominican Republic crafts, exactly...

But take a look - and pick up a Dominican T-shirt, or mug, or clock, or bag, or hooded-top...or even G-string and more!! NOW! Buy some quality gear for your trip to the Dominican Republic and you'll also be helping support the site, allowing us to maintain and develop 'Visiting the Dominican Republic' website so we can provide help for even more potential visitors!

(So...thanks, in advance...for taking a look today!)


Dominican Music - Merengue and Bachata

Have you ever experienced the sound of Merengue or Bachata?

Possibly the best way to experience the magic of Merengue is to visit where it was born....yes, in the Dominican Republic!

But maybe you don't want to wait until you get there for the first time or second visit to experience the sound of Merengue, to dance it and to enjoy it...

...then why wait?

We want to share with you our favorite Merengue's artists (this is Esther's bit)...I share with you some of my favorite Bachata music!!

...And here they are!! I am sure you will enjoy them:

The following CD’s are our favorite recommendations that we consider best represent ‘Merengue’ and ‘Bachata’ music of our country. There are so many CD’s to choose from we realize that you may be ‘spoilt for choice’ so we suggest these examples because we feel that you will particularly enjoy them. We explain a little about why we include these artists in the text besides each selection.

If you decide you want to see more details about any of the CD’s, click on the image, or link, and you will be taken to the relevant Amazon page.

We are an affiliate with this reputable company which means we earn a small commission if anyone decides to buy a CD as a result of visiting Amazon from our page. BUT please note that the prices of the CD’s and of other products you may see, are exactly the same even if bought outside this website. Our commission comes out of Amazon’s profit...NOT YOUR pocket! ;-) (P.S. And PLEASE - buy today - because if you leave it until tomorrow - Amazon won't pay-up! - they may be 'reputable' but their affiliate system is also one of the worst in the world!)

Once you have finished at Amazon don’t forget to click the ‘back’ button to return here!!

Happy browsing, we hope you find something you like. Thank you for your support, and if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch:-)

Yesterday's Merengue

Today's Merengue is quite different from the Merengue our parents used to dance! Esther loves this particular traditional compilation she recommends here. A must to have if you want to know what is the 'real' sound of Merengue is.

Kinito Mendez
Of today's Dominican Merengueros, Kinito Mendez is possibly among the 10 tops most popular. You will love his charisma and happy lyrics!
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra music means a lot to Esther and I. This particular compilation brings a lot of joy and nostalgic feelings to our hearts because contains lyrics that he launched when we were in our late teens and in his early career! Not only has Juan Luis Guerra made the merengue international well known, but he has also rescued many of old values, such as its elegant poetry and romantic (rather than today's often risque) lyrics.
Los Sabrosos del Merengue

Los Sabrosos del Merengue - meaning 'the Flavors of Merengue' have been around for quite a few years now. they released their first recordings in the late '80s. But it wasn't until the '90s that the group's popularity soared as a result of constant touring and a series of records for Musical Productions including 1998's 'Mejor del Merengue' and the following year's 'Rompiendo el Milenio', which was very sucessfull when launched and still is!.
Juan Luis Guerra Another great hit from Juan Luis Guerra!

And for those curious to learn more about this fantastic music, we have prepared a brief introduction to 'Merengue and Bachata' HERE!

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