More About the Best Beaches of our
Lovely Island - the Dominican Republic

It is rewarding to know you want to find out more about our best beaches! I guess you have already read our first page about the best Dominican Republic beaches? Where Ruth already introduced some of the best beaches of the Dominican Republic, such as Las Terrenas, Sosua and Cabarete. But, if you haven't yet read Ruth's page, I recommend you take a look. (Well that's what Ruth told me to say, anyway!;-))

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Here are Ruth's main links again, in case you missed them:

  • Ideal for tranquil sunbathing - Las Terrenas
  • Good for a Family Beach Vacation - Sosua
  • Great for Water Sports - Cabarete 
  • As Ruth mentioned in 'Part One', we decided to split this subject in two sections. In this second part of our 'introduction to the best Dominican Republic beaches' I want to talk a bit more about what I think are some of the particular qualities of the best beaches we have in the Dominican Republic To introduce our love and passion for the best beaches in the Dominican Republic without being biased is nearly impossible.I must admit that I still feel an almost 'magnetic attraction' to what I consider the most beautiful and best beaches in our homeland...which I believe are to be found in the North-East of the Island! (If you hadn't guessed, we were born and bred in the North-East of the Island - so maybe it is no coincidence that we feel so attracted to this area!) ;-) Unearthing memories - Giving away secrets! It is always easy to talk about something you love! - So, as I say, I hope I do not seem to be too biased when sharing my memories of my favorite places and best beaches in the Dominican Republic... But to be honest, I think that when you are actually visiting the Dominican Republic you will have to agree that I am telling the truth. I have really found it a pleasure, searching through my photograph albums and piecing together my recollections of those out-of-the-way places that have always meant so much to me, and my family.

    In planning both Page One and this Page, about the DR's best beaches, Ruth and I found we shared many wonderful memories about our lovely homeland. Often these were inspired by special occasions, family holidays and outings. Golden days when Ruth, my two older brothers and I were taken by my parents the relatively short distance from our home town, San Francisco de Macoris, to the 'seaside' where we would picnic and play in the shallow warm waters of a very special beach.

    One of these lovely occasions occurred again not so very long ago when I revisited Arroyo Salado with my own son Luis Alberto. This is one of the most beautiful and safest, best beaches for the whole family.

    Isaac, our brother, kindly took some pictures of Luis and me whilst visiting this enchanting and unspoilt beach near to the charming town of Cabrera.

    An unspoilt haven away from 'civilization'.

    Well, not that far from 'civilization'. That's a bit of exaggeration of my part ;-) But still Arroyo Salado is one of the few best beaches of the Dominican Republic that has not been exploited to the point of losing its perfect, natural setting (like may now be considered to be the case at resorts like Punta Cana, Juan Dolio and Boca Chica).

    Arroyo Salado is a beautiful, undeveloped place, blessed with various natural attractions, a spot that might particularly appeal to you if traveling with a family, and you want that 'getting-away-from-it-all' feeling!

    You will need to stock up the cool bag, and 'cater' for yourselves... this is not a place surrounded by food shacks; You won't find swarms of 'hawkers' and 'unofficial tour guides' here... although a few friendly locals might approach you to see if you'd like some freshly fried fish, landed that morning straight from Ocean!

    This beauty-spot is a wide open space of white sand and azure waters. Shallow pools and shady areas where the palms sway in the North coast breeze. The wide mouth of the river flows into the Atlantic here creating a perfect shallow and gently shelving watery playground for younger memebers of the family!

    I can almost imagine myself there now, watching my son paddling with his cousin. Laughing, running and splashing about as happy as I have ever seen him...

    ...Sorry, I'm getting carried away... but when I look out at the grey skies here in the UK (where I am based) just now... it's enough to make me ring up and book a flight to the DR straight away! Hopefully I'll be doing that one day soon as I shall be marrying my new partner in the Dominican Reopublic within the coming year! It will be the first time I have been back for a while and I am so-pleased that it will be for such a special occasion.

    But getting back to Arroyo Salado, though, it is a very special place for me... in fact I didn't really want to mention it... after all, it is awful to think of giving away the location of my favorite 'secret places'... people might start going there!!! lol!

    This 'best beach' also has the good fortune of being close to the pleasant town of Cabrera. An ideal place to stay for a quieter vacation, or at least a few days if you are touring about... and somewhere to stock up that cool bag, before you venture to dip your toes in the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

    More Dominican Republic Beach Beauties To Come

    The Dominican Republic offers many excellent beaches of which I will introduce them in this page soon. For example, will introduce the lovely beach

    • El Diamante
    • The beautiful area of Rio San Juan
    • The enchanting lake of Grigri (Laguna Grigri)

    So keep coming back because I'm preparing all the information you will need to enjoy these places to the full!

    Don't forget to drop us line if you want to as any questions, make comments or help us update oiur inmformation here about further informaton about Arroyo Salado (as I say it has been a while since we were last there, so this is all how I recall the lovely place to be and I am hoping it hasn't changed too much!?) or any other subject presented in this website!

    Take care,



    : Hostelworld provides a choice of value for money,
    low budget options and tours, ideal for travellers and back-packers!

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