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Whether it is a luxury Caribbean resort or any type of real estate investment you are looking for the Dominican Republic has some great opportunities; it also offers extraordinary value relative to the types of property and real estate found in developed countries like the US & UK for example.

True, prices have risen over the past years and some real estate areas have seen bigger increments than others. As Santo Domingo City has expanded, once peripheral properties have become part of major sub-urban developments and owners of such properties have seen a good increase in value of their homes. But some of the towns on the South coast, once developed as a luxury Caribbean resort in their own right – catering for the wealthy Dominican elite – have now been out-classed by more recent developments between Punta Cana and Bavaro for instance – and elsewhere as you shall see.

Yet as Santo Domingo continues to grow – in particular towards Las Americas International Airport, east of the city, it is predictable that anyone with property on this corridor will still see healthy increments in value compared with 'out-of-the-way' places. This might well inspire some of those looking for an investment property to consider such an area – but as you will find, if you read on, there are some even more interesting alternatives for those looking for a real luxury Caribbean resort to invest in.

Investment opportunities both near and far

In general, throughout the last decade there have been considerable increases in the value of properties close to any of the popular Dominican coastal resorts. Human nature being what it is, those places that are an easy jaunt from any of the major Airports, with good main road access, and are in sight – and preferably (short) walking distance of the sea, have seen the biggest rises. Anyone who is looking for a holiday home, or a vacation apartment or villa for sale, will be more inclined towards property that requires no more than a relatively short 'transfer' once they have landed, so that they can feel as if their vacation has begun 'within an hour' of arriving. Not so many want to face a journey of 4 or more hours by coach, taxi or hire car on top of their flight – even if it might mean arriving at a top class, luxury Caribbean resort at the end of their quest!

Investors also know that if they are buying property with rental potential then the easier the access from the arrival point, the more attractive the property will be for renters – and hence the nearer full-capacity their rental calendar will be.

But these 'typical' preferences – leave those who are bit more adventurous with some great potential advantages! Indeed anyone looking for a simple apartment, or villa for sale, or to own their own stake in a major luxury Caribbean resort - should read on!

A potentially profitable trip?

Firstly there is the advantage that for discerning buyers, who do not mind a little extra travelling, the prices can be considerably lower for properties a little further from the major airports. This might mean your investment money could stretch to a Dominican villa rather than a simple apartment!

Secondly, for those who really desire to stay or buy within a luxury Caribbean resort with more genuine regional character (rather than that anodyne 'could be anywhere in the world with a beach' feel) there are still many parts of the Dominican Republic (being one of the largest Caribbean countries, as it is) that can provide tropical charm, local ambience, and luxury too!

If you seek out the places that have yet retained their tropical paradise qualities – they are more laid back, have less of that 'anywhere in the worldliness' and are more 'in touch with nature'. With the trend towards eco-sensitive design currently prevailing, the process of more out-of-the-way places undergoing development may be inevitable, but will at least be undertaken in a way that avoids the mistakes of yesterday, and leads to the creation of a luxury Caribbean resort with environmentally-friendly qualities.

One such area that has recently attracted increasing scrutiny by Dominican investors, and those looking for 'quality' vacation real estate opportunities, is the Samana Peninsula. An area of interest is the most accessible part of this lovely area – the westerly quarter of the coastline at the foot of the Peninsula, near the lively town of Las Terrenas.

The laid-back attractions of Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas, once no more than a tiny fishing village has, has developed into a fair sized town over the last decade, It now boasts an excellent range of facilities – including numerous shops, bars, restaurants and nightlife – and yet it has managed to retain its essential Dominican character.

In the past Las Terrenas tended to feature on a 'travelers' route around the DR rather than being a typical tourist-hot-spot (like Juan Dolio / Boca Chica / Punta Cana / Puerto Plata). The town still exudes character and charm. Access to the golden sands of the local beaches is easy, and they stretch on long enough for those seeking a bit of 'peace and quiet' away from the masses, plenty of scope.

Taking a westerly route out of the town brings you, after 3 or 4 kilometres, to Playa Bonita. It is a quiet and pleasant with a few hotels dotted about the area. The fairly narrow beach is palm fringed, and with flotsam, jetsam and seaweed here and there, it has a natural feel and is a perfect place just to 'chill'.

But we'd suggest that the Las Terrenas area deserves special attention from the prospective real estate hunter, and vacation property/holiday home seeker for other reasons, too.

Over the years the fact that the Samana Peninsula has remained quite remote from straightforward access, has kept major development to a minimum and yet appealed to a wide range of travelling types (especially Europeans) seeking the perfect place to 'drop-out'. The consequence is that there is an interesting and eclectic international mix of folks that inhabit the area. The environs of the Samana Peninsula have been popular with Germans and French, rather than the solely the typical American and Canadian tourists who also love the DR.

Environmentally sensitive luxury Caribbean resort development...

In recent times the particular attractions of this area – which is blessed by tropical forests, waterfalls, beautiful beaches as well as that low level of building and development – have become more widely recognized. Wise developers of a modern luxury Caribbean resort, appreciating the need to retain the natural beauties of the region and ensure that 'top quality', 'eco-friendly' and 'low-profile' would all need to be adjectives that could describe any development in the area.

Intelligent developers began to see that with the right wherewithal, and support the answer would be to create a real estate project that would enhance and complement the natural terrain...and in the process create one of the most exciting luxury Caribbean resort investment opportunities the Dominican Republic has yet seen. So this is exactly what became the 'brain-child' of one of the Dominican Republic's longest established, best known and most successful developers.

The only stumbling blocks that could have dissuaded property seekers from appreciating the numerous attractions of Las Terrenas and its surrounding area, might have been that tedious 4-hour plus trek by road from any of the main International airports at Santo Domingo, Santiago or Puerto Plata, which receive the bulk of world-wide arrivals...But even this potential problem has been resolved - thanks to the Dominican Government's desire to promote the Dominican Republic as a true luxury Caribbean resort choice for international tourists of the 21st century.

Improved infrastructure supports a golden opportunity

Thanks to the insight of President Fernandez with his objective to establish the Dominican Republic as one of the premier tourism destination in the world - the Government made a major comittment to invest in the critical transport infrastructure necessary for development of a luxury Caribbean resort project envisaged near Las Terrenas. Indeed, work is already well underway on a new motorway connection that will reduce access time from Santo Domingo's, Las Americas Airport, to around an hour-and-a-half for the 65-mile trip. Further government investment is has funded a new International Airport near the Western foot of the Samana Peninsula, at El Catey, only 18 miles from Las Terrenas. Both these projects are due to be completed by mid-2007.

In addition to this Arroyo Barril Airport is also a mere 15 miles south of the town – and is becoming a more widely used International Airport (hitherto running less flights than POP, Santiago and Las Americas). Plus the National Airport of El Portillo nearer still to Las Terrenas, can be reached by light aircraft from Santo Domingo in around 20 minutes.

It therefore does not take great intuition to realize that real estate investment in the area is likely to be one of THE hottest prospects on the Island, indeed in the Caribbean, in the coming years. If you had an opportunity to buy into a luxury Caribbean resort in the early stages of being sympathetically developed in this prime area – it seems it would be a proverbial 'no-brainer' to grasp your slice of such an opportunity, and 'make hay while the sun shines' – which of course it fortunately does almost every day in the Dominican Republic!...

A HOT luxury Caribbean resort investment opportunity!

If this is the sort of thing you have been 'looking for' (or even if you haven't, but you are suddenly thinking "it should be!") then we are more than pleased to provide a 'gate-way here' to what will, no doubt, be hailed the finest luxury Caribbean Resort in the Dominican Republic...Las Terrenas Country Club.


With beautifully landscaped and appointed villas, a superb range of apartments, and some of the very best 'own build' plots of land available in the Caribbean (n.b. you need to see the prices!)...This is a superb, environmentally conscious development that incorporates a top class golf course (designed by Andy Dye) and leisure complex, world-class spa and boutique hotel symapthetically into some of the most stunning scenery in the Caribbean – let alone the Dominican Republic!

To take a look at some of the features of the Las Terrenas Country Club, just enquire here. You should note that villas, apartments and land within this true luxury Caribbean resort have only been on the market since late 2005. With a large proportion of the building already unfertaken, and the landscaping of what will be one of the foremost courses for golf enthusiasts to be found in the Caribbean well underway, now is really the time to rake a closer look at this exceptional investment opportunity.

It is clear that for early buyers of property or land within this luxury Caribbean resort, the likely increment in value of their investment as the project comes to completion should be substantial. Due to the nature of this attractive opportunity, anyone who may be interested in finding out more about what is on offer at Las Terrenas Country Club should request full details using our online contact form – for a prompt response.

Please use our CONTACT US page if you have any questions about this development - or simply fill in our Las Terrenas Country Club enquiry form to obtain details directly about property and land opportunities at this premier luxury Caribbean resort, today.

Thanks, Ruth, Al & Esther

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