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A quick 'tour' of the Samana Peninsula and some of its highlights... More information about specific areas is available via the links provided throughout the article...

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On the Samana peninsula here are still many who would observe that Las Terrenas is their preferred resort. In Las Terrenas there is certainly usually enough going on but it is still 'quaint' and has a traditional friendly if sometimes raucous Dominican ambience.

The local playas Bonita, Coson, Ballenas and Popy are all reputedly fantastic and there are dozens of great restaurants dotted around to keep even the most enthusiastic holiday gourmand happy for weeks!

Whilst most beaches are family-safe, the sea can be very rough around Playa Cozon (with the possible exception, reportedly, of an area between Playa Bonita and "Los Nomades", where water is generally calm and flat). Some visitors have also noted sandflies being an aggravation along parts of Playa Cozon – although the timing and the weather may have an influence on their prevalence.

Accommodation you may wish to consider, near Las Terrenas and its best beaches includes: Residence Las Palmas (, close to everything - fabulous beach, eateries, but set back off the main road enough to be quiet. The Caribbean style 2 bedroom cottages with kitchen are inexpensive and set in a beautiful garden. The management is most helpful and multilingual.

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More Samana Peninsula Highlights

Further along the coast, northwards, at the top of the Samana peninsula, Las Galeras is a good base for visiting the famously beautiful beach, Playa Rincón, either by road (rough conditions) or water taxi. Las Galeras also features some lovely if smaller beaches within easy distance that are well worth 'discovering' and are a safe haven protected by a reef.

Playas Moron and La Cana are also beautiful beaches,too, but sea conditions might be too dangerous for toddlers, with children a visit to Playa Limon or the beach around El Portillo might be more relaxing and safer.

Las Galeras is still a quiet village, also a good place to stay yet have access to other excursions to Los Haitises, Samana, Bocas del Diavolo and El Valle. Commentators also laud the wonderful views to be had from the vantage point of "El Cabito" and "Samana Inn", both near to LasGaleras.

Las Galeras also has a great beach for small children: La Playita. Local accommodation worth considering if you want to stay in Las Galeras includes Casa Dorado Bed & breakfast which is an easy walk to that beach (Playa Rincon is close by too).

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Las Galeras has a relaxed, 'local' ambience and is less 'lively' (some might say 'rowdy'?) than Las Terrenas, so it probably all depends on what you are looking for. Whereas Samana town is less likely to be a resort venue for a vacation stay, mainly because there are no beaches along the coastal stretch of Samana itself, and you must drive quite a way to discover good beaches. Plus visitors report that there is not really a wide choice of good places to stay. Samana town can also be a bit noisy and it is not as aesthetically blessed as the other aforementioned popular resort village and town! .

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But Samana is THE PLACE to be when you want to watch the whales as they frolic between January and March every year...

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