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FIRST THINGS FIRST! 'Visiting the Dominican Republic' is now pleased to offer a Taxi Booking Service.

If you need to book a lift to your accommodation - then just fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we'll provide a competitive quote with a reliable, quality taxi company, and - if you are happy - we'll confirm your booking, and send you the 'meet and greet' details.

PLEASE NOTE: These requests are handled as a priority normally within 24 hours of receipt - but please allow enough time before departure for all confirmations to be made, this ideally means a minimum of at least THREE WHOLE DAYS! Thank you. Ruth.

Will you be shouting "Hey! Taxi!" When you leave your airport of arrival in the Dominican Republic? Do you want to avoid being 'taken for a ride'... whilst being 'taken for a ride'?

At any of the major International airports you'll be faced with plenty of the 'official registered' kind of taxi. They 'sport' an official 'sticker' and they are a sandy beige color. This means they are likely to be a decent comfortable ride.

Sadly, this ubiquitous form of transport could well prove pretty pricey. Rampant inflation in recent years and high petrol prices have led to 'official' forms of taxi transport becoming quite expensive in the DR.

It is important that you have a good idea about the likely cost of a trip in advance, and come to a firm agreement with your prospective driver, before you pile your suitcases in the back and jump on board your taxi! Otherwise it could prove a more expensive trip than you might expect.

There are a lot of unofficial 'taxis' in Dominican cities and towns too (but...more about them in a minute) you will have to traipse to a Parking area away from the Airport to get one...whilst they can be much cheaper they will generally be older model Japanese cars that will be a less classy ride (if you're bothered).

Although prices are subject to (upwards!) revision examples of fares quoted below . You should always try and agree fares in advance to avoid complications when you reach your destination, and embarrassing arguments about what seems (and no doubt will be if you don't take this precaution!) an 'expensive trip':

Typical 2018 'rough guide' to taxi fares ($US/ Euro):

  • Santo Domingo Airport to City:
    US$45-60 / aprox 40 Euro. The journey from the airport to Santo Domingo is approximately 30 - 40 minutes.
  • Santo Domingo City to Punta Cana:
    $200-240 / approx 180 Euro. Journey about 3 hours (Taxi price depends on which resort Hotel - the 'Punta Cana' area stretches from below Punta Cana town to above Bavaro - a distance of some 30+ km)
  • Punta Cana to La Romana:
    est. $100 - $120 / approx 90 Euro. Journey of around 1 ½ – 2 hours
  • La Romana to Santo Domingo Airport:
    $100 - 120 / approx 90 Euro. Journey about 1 hour or so REMEMBER: You can now simply complete THE FORM BELOW for an accurate guaranteed quote of distance, time and cost - if you are interested in pre-booking your taxi.
    If you are one of the numerous tourists who choose a 'multi centre' self-arranged vacation, then you may be staying in Santo Domingo for a few days/nights. It's a pretty big City so when you're fed up with 'Shank's Pony' you'll no doubt take to a Taxi. If you are staying in a Hotel away from the 'action', which is more likely if you are looking for better priced accommodation, make sure you walk at least to the nearest main street and hail one there. This will make a hefty difference to the fare you'd be paying from the Hotel's doorstep! You will hear advice to avoid walking round the less touristy parts of City at night. Sadly it's true that there can, as in ANY city be opportunist thieves who may try and snatch an ill-protected bag. The impact of the mishandling of the economy by the previous Government has led to times being hard for many poorer Dominicans. It is also rumoured that there are those 'antagonistic' to the Fernandez regime who may be deliberately inciting 'petty street crime', which has somewhat more prevalent in recent times. In general though you should not be too concerned about such problems if you take common sense precautions that you would expect to take in the major cities if the US, UK and Europe. We include some words of advice on our 'Travel Tips' page. In an effort to save the cost of regular taxi fares when travelling around and about, and to and from Santo Domingo most people 'dare' to try the 'infamous' local 'unofficial' transport system options at some stage. Joining in with the local Dominican 'commuters' in this way can provide fun way to experience an essential ingredient of Dominican life...we provide more details about these options here...but we recommend you take a look at our 'buses and coaches' for an alternative comfortable, safe and economical way to get around in the Dominican Republic. Or...if your a braveheart, and really want to get out and about, to experience the real DR then check out our car hire pages, where you can be sure to find a vehicle that can handle the testing conditions you are likely to discover if you decide you want to take a drive in the Dominican Republic. AND DON'T FORGET: If you NEED to book a TAXI for when you arrive on your Dominican Republic vacation - and you want "peace of mind" - then simply fill in the form below and we will provide a competitive quote and confirm your booking in advance with a quality, reliable Dominican taxi company! Enjoy your trip!!

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