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Car Hire
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Well there's not too much to say about car hire in the Dominican Republic... except that:

  • It's not for the faint hearted
  • Accident rates in the DR are notoriously high (not just for car hirers but generally!)
  • Most Dominicans drive with a heavy foot on the gas pedal

Note, particularly, that the 'Horn' is used to signal:

(1) "Hi, I'm over here"

(2) "I'm coming through!"

(3) "Please get out of the way 'cos I've forgotten where the foot brake is"

(4) "Hello gorgeous"

(5) "Hi mate"

(6) "What's this thing in the middle of the steering wheel do?"

(7) "Was that me?...I'll try it again"

(8) "Hey yes! it was me!"

(9) "Once more for luck!!!"

In other words the horn is used liberally, frequently and with gay abandon…but rarely is it a sign of 'road rage'!! Just normal driving courtesy...given that the driver will be travelling, more than likely, faster than conditions dictate are reasonable sane.

BECAUSE...roads in the DR are of very variable quality! The sudden heavy (though usually short) downpours will 'gouge' pot-holes in second rate road surfaces like a knife through 'butter-in-a-warm-kitchen'. Plus many roads are not 'technically' tarmacadamed (or asphalted)...SO...this can tend to lead to one or two problems if you decide to hire a car for a bit of more adventurous 'touring'.

Many people might suggest that the 'best' option for a hire car in the Dominican Republic is to choose a 4WD... which is true, though they are more expensive to hire. You can get some cheaper deals on smaller motors (around $200/£100 for small economy model per week from some hirers) but you have been warned...conditions are not really great for less capable and resilient models!! All-in-all, treating yourself to a solid four-wheel-drive model is probably the best bet, and will make touring around safer and more assured throughout the DR.

And be advised... ALWAYS check the whole Dominican hire car thoroughly and be sure to check back before you drive off with the hirer about any minor damage, dints, scratches, bumps, underside dings, etc., etc., or it is VERY likely they will try and blame you for them when you take the car back.

To avoid technical, or other problems, it is naturally wise to book with a reliable company that offers well maintained, safe and solid vehicles. This can be a bit of a lottery if you wait until you arrive, and yet 'online' how can you tell the "wheat from the chaff"?

We have tried to identifysome good local car rental companies that will provide a reliable vehicle for your needs at a fair price. We don't claim that these are the cheapest auto rental companies in the Dominican republic... but then again you get what you pay for, as hey say, and in this instance - given the vagaries of the DR road system - it hardly makes sense to 'economize' where your safety is concerned.

So if the 'challenge' of the Dominican Republic highways and by-ways is for you, then take a look at the resources we provide - and compare prices, service and models of hire car in the Dominican Republic that rae available, before making that important decision and booking.

Alternatively... if you are still considering your preferred mode of transport whilst on your vacation in the Dominican republic, then be sure to look at our 'coach tours and bus services' page. Or maybe investigate the cost of taking an official Dominican 'taxi' . But if you decide to enjoy 'the ride of your life' and want to arrange reliable car hire in the Dominican Republic... then take a look at our Dominican Republic rent a car page, for a selection of reliable Dominican car rental companies who should provide a relible, safe and straightforward deal.

Take care.

Ruth & Esther

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