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Mountain Beauty in the
Dominican Republic

Constanza in the Dominican Republic is surrounded by the most spectacular views of the region justly called the Carribean Alps. A good drive away from typical tourist hot-spots, along variable roads, will bring you to this cool mountain town with its own special ambience.

Constanza has cast its spell over visitors before and that is why it is still the home of Japanese settlers from half a century ago. Encouraged there during the Trujillo regime,during a period of 'special relations with Japan', the new-comers found a place that appealed so much that the local community has now been long established.

Constanza resides in the Dominican region of La Vega at about 1200 metres above sea level, on the side of Pico Duarte the highest peak in the Caribbean. The area is green and resplendent with magnificent vistas. Well worth a visit if time and inclination allows and you can tear yourself from the beaches, the poolside and the touristic havens for a day or two!

The verdant surrounds offer some particular agricultural opportunities and the temeprature is lower than the rest of the Dominican Republic normally varying between a cool 5 and a comfortable 20 degrees centigrade throughout the year.

Here is a chance to glimpse some more details of Constanza, Dominican Republic's rather special mountain community (click any image once to view the associated video here on site):


See also our page of information about Jarabacoa, another gem of a Dominican mountain town

More information about Constanza (in Spanish) at the official Constanza website.

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