Welcome to Jarabacoa
In the Heart of the
Dominican Republic

Some describe visiting Jarabacoa as "stepping back in time". Certainly this township in the mountainous heart of the Dominican Republic, nestling in what has been described as the Alps of the Caribbean, has many qualities that make it a special place to visit for any traveler who wants to experience the real, original qualities of the DR.

Jarabacoa is surrounded by mountains, including Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean, and elevated enough that its climate is pleasantly cooler than the rest of the island all-year through.

It is a bustling 'local' town that has not seen the massive onslaught of tourism that some might might say has somewhat detracted from the 'natural feel' of the popular coastal resorts.

There is a quality of life here that you will immediately know is different to the touristic areas. The pace is slower, the people even friendlier (if that's possible!), the prices are lower...

But of course the downside for the timid tourist is that it takes a little getting to, and you will need to be organized to use public transport, or for more flexibility book a taxi, or a minibus for a larger group... For some better bet might be to hire your own vehicle and brave the 'excitement' of the 'devil-may-care' Dominican drivers, and the frequently less than excellent Dominican minor roads!

Jarabacoa -- A Dominican Delight

But a trip to Jarabacoa can be very rewarding for those who care to make the trip. The surroundings are beautiful, with access to wonderful wooded area for picnicking and rambling, and there are some other diversions such as white-water rafting that might appeal to the adrenalin-junkies amongst you.

Whatever you do if you visit Jarabacoa, be sure not to forget your camera, though, as you will want to have some mementos of the marvellous mountainous views that are all around, to be sure!

Here is a selection of personal views of Jarabacoa -- some Jarabacoa videos collected from around the Internet that give you just a glimpse of this attractive little Dominican town...

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