Where Can
Caribbean Vacation Deals
Be Found?

Caribbean vacation deals are certainly worth seekng out in the Dominican Republic, and indeed many folks still do not immediately think of the Dominican Republic resorts when the Caribbean is mentioned. However, whilst the Dom Rep may be one of the 'larger' hidden gems of this exotic part of the world, the Caribbean actually has a good many smaller 'diamonds' and 'pearls' that make up a string of beautiful possibilities for that memorable vacation experience.

By way of spreading the word about the many other possible places where great Caribbean vacation deals could well be discovered, here then is a useful list of Caribbean destinations and their respective languages, for the general interest of visitors. These are some of the places that could well be worth investigating for unforgettable Caribbean holidays:

Caribbean Countries list and languages typically spoken:

Antigua & Barbuda - English, but many of the locals speak Antiguan Creole

Anguilla - English

Aruba - Dutch

Bahamas - oficial language English, local dialect Creole

Barbados - English

Bonaire* - Dutch

British Virgin Islands - Officially English, Spanish and Creole also spoken

Cayman Islands - English

Cuba - Spanish

Curacao* - Dutch

Dominica - official language is English, dialect French Creole,

Dominican Republic - Spanish

Grenada - official language is English, dialect is French Creole,

The Grenadines - official language is English, dialect is French Creole,

Guadeloupe - official language is French dialect is Creole patois,

Guyana - English, dialect/vernacular-bhojputri,hindi,urdu

Haiti - French, dialect is French Creole

Jamaica - official language is English, dialect is Creole patois,

Martinique - French, dialect- creole patois, haiti official- french

Montserrat - official language is English dialect is English creole,

Puerto Rico - Spanish

Saba* - Dutch

St. Barthelemy (St Barts) - French

St. Eustatias* - Dutch

St. Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis - English

St. Lucia - official language is English, dialect is French Creole,

Saint-Martin/St. Maarten* - Dutch

St. Vincent - official language is English, dialect is French Creole,

Trinidad and Tobago - official language is English, also spoken locally are Spanish, Chinese, Hindi and French,

Turks and Caicos Islands - English

US Virgin Islands - Officially English, Spanish and Creole also spoken

(* - Netherlands Antilles)

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