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Travel warnings or travel advisory information is always worth checking before departing for anywhere, but especially when taking a vacation in areas that are classed as less developed countries, and where the natural environment may hold certain potential health risks that you might not normally need to consider on your home turf.

We include some essential travel tips elsewhere on the Visiting the Dominican Republic website, and we also have some comprehensive advice for example, about malaria. Malaria is one of those health risks that occasionally hits the headlines in the Dominican Republic although populations of the 'vector' of infection, the Anopheles mosquito are normally effectively kept down by insecticide regimes of the Dominican resort management. In this way the risks of infection of visitors to the DR are effectively very low indeed (if not zero most all the time, unless traveling around higher risk areas, such as close to the border with Haiti, for example).

Nonetheless, whether traveling to the Dominican Republic -- or any other hotter, exotic destination that you typical live in -- there are numerous health and travel warning that might well be considered before you go, in order to be well prepared and properly insured against any possible problems.

Travel warning and travel advisory information is published via most government websites in the developed world and you can check these out for current information. For example:

Here also is a useful publication to browse that might provide food for thought about various health and travel considerations that might not yet have crossed your mind:

NOTE: You can either use the 'magnifying glass' tool to increase the test size, and the scroll bars to move the document around to view it all -- or you can download a pdf version of the e-report (see pdf icon on the left and click it) if you want to read it offline (note you will need 'Adobe reader' or similar to access the document, most PC's have this software pre-installed although the latest version is available for free to download from Adobe's website: Adobe Reader)

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