How to Build a Website:
The BEST Solution

HOW do you achieve a DREAM?

So you want to know how to build a website? But like we were a short time ago, you are still looking for the best way to do this.

Our problem was – given that we had mostly done admin, sales, teaching or some such jobs before – how did 'IT' novices like us even begin to 'create a website'.

We had only ever touched a computer before for word processing and the BIG question was:

  • How to build a website that is effective and functional? A website that fulfils not only our desires, but also any visitors needs?

    ...and even more essentially perhaps...

  • How do you make sure people can FIND your site and all that painstakingly researched and written information?

    Now, there'll be a few of you out there who know some, or all, of the answers to those questions.

    SOME of you will know all about 'HTML', 'Java', 'Dreamweaver', 'Frontpage', Domain sellers, Internet hosts, Uploading pages, Search engine optimisation, Key words, Meta tags, Spiders, Bots, Portals, etc., etc., other words, the mysterious ever evolving and constantly changing world of 'behind the scenes' internet website manipulation, marketing and promotion!!!!!!

    Fool proof instructions for the 'newbies' like us...

    BUT we also know that even more of you are like we were (and in fact we still are pretty much)...'net' dunces!

    We also SUPPOSE/HOPE that a few of you might have looked at our site and thought perhaps:

  • "I could make a better job than that!", or

  • "I wish I could develop a website like that", or maybe

  • "I wonder how much a site like that costs to build?" or

  • "I'd like to know how to build a website about my own 'passion'!"

    Some of you may even have thought...

  • "I could never create a website like this"

    (Please understand, we're NOT trying to say our site is 'that brilliant'...though we have had many people mail us and express really gratifying positive remarks...and we take this opportunity to give our HEARTFELT THANKS to them, they know who they are, and it means a lot to us...because in some small way it means our DREAM IS COMING TRUE! SLOWLY BUT SURELY!)

    WELL the point of mentioning our 'dream' has really been to say...we FOUND THE ANSWER to being able to make a site like this.

    ...the SECRETS of How to Build a Website divulged!

    It is neither difficult, NOR expensive, and the means we have used can be applied by almost anyone to do just what we have, and build (in a very short time) a website about their PASSION, that stands on its own merit and (here's the good bit...) it can even make you money (if you so desire). In fact such a website can even make you a living if you want it to, and work at it appropriately...indeed it can make more than 'just' a living. Many ordinary people have discovered that this method shows you not only 'how to build a website' but also how to build a REAL online business!

    In fact you can make your own website and make enough to take a trip to the DR whenever you want!!!...or even buy a place there!

    We are not joking... there are already many examples of people who have achieved incredible things building websites like this...having NEVER PREVIOUSLY KNOWN ANYTHING ABOUT HOW BUILD A WEBSITE, let alone design, promote and earn money from it.

    But we'd like to be clear THIS IS NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a method for building a genuine business. (And it is as well to remember that anything that sounds too good to be true...usually is just that!). So we are NOT saying it won't take some effort and application on your part

    But, let us just say this:

    (1) First and foremost thanks for visiting this page,

    (2) We hope that you too will be able to follow your dream

    (3) And if that dream could possibly include the desire to find out how to build a website for fun and or profit...or just from a REAL DESIRE to promote your own PASSION, HOBBY or INTEREST

    Then PLEASE contact us with any questions you have about how we did it...and also take a look here:

    How to build a website and earn income

    You can find all you need to know about 'how to build a website' within...

    And if only one of you eventually manages to buy your own villa in the Dominican Republic, set amid swaying palms with a view of a perfect white Beach, one way or another, because of what you have read here...then we'll be glad that...

    ...our Dream helped your Dream COME TRUE!

    Ruth & Esther

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