Choosing the Dominican Republic
for your Caribbean vacation
will be doing more than
just YOU some good!

Biased we may be, but for a Caribbean vacation we don't think you can do better than choose the Dominican Republic as your destination. Whether it is an all inclusive Caribbean package you are considering - some of the best are available in Punta Cana and Bavaro in the East, or Puerto Plata and Sosua in the North of the DR. Or whether you are looking for that perfect 'real' Caribbean holiday experience - deserted beaches, 'away from the crowds' basic simple living, friendly indigenous locals, and complete relaxation...The Dominican Republic will 'fit-the-bill'.

Take a look at this superb Dominican Republic documentary for a real insight to a wonderful country and a superb base for your Caribbean vacation...and learn a little more about why this up and coming Caribbean resort island really appreciates you making it your '#1' vacation choice (settle back with a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee - preferably Dominican ;-D it lasts about 45 minutes):

We'd just like to explain why, when you book your Caribbean vacation in the Dominican Republic, it will be more than just yourself that you will be doing some good!

Some 80% of Dominicans live in abject poverty. Many families have scraped a living throughout the last century during the brutal times of Trujillo's dictatorship. Then more recently when the country was virtually bankrupted in the 1990's by inept Governance things got even tougher.

The country has been clawing its way back from the brink of economic disaster over the last few years and at last the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Huge investment has been flooding in to develop some of the best all inclusive Caribbean resorts in the world. Simultaneously the Dominican Government has been rebuilding International confidence in the country and the currency. But this has been at the cost of some hard time for the locals, whose lives have been made more arduous by substantial inflation without comparative increases in income.

Nonetheless - the Dominican Republic is the Caribbean resort Island that keeps on smiling! The people are famous for it. Wherever you go the strains of Merengue, Bachata and Cuban Son music are evident! Folk are often found literally 'dancing in the street'...Never mind that they may be struggling to afford to keep their children shod, and a good Dominican meal on the table every day...

One thing that the Dominicans are happy about is that the Dominican Republic has become the hottest 'new' Caribbean vacation destination. No longer quite such a well kept secret as it was, you can find everything from the highest pinnacle of world class five star ***** all inclusive Caribbean hotel and leisure complexes, to the most basic cheap Caribbean accommodation, set in unspoilt tropical environments...whatever YOU the traveler may be looking for...AND when you visit the DR your much needed vacation dollars are helping to restore the country's economy and bringing new pride and hope back to the 'down' but NOT 'down-hearted' Dominicans!

So remember...for your perfect Caribbean vacation - choose the DR - for a great time, a great Caribbean holiday and that Caribbean weather will not be the only thing that gives you a 'warm feeling' as you can rest-assured you are also helping to put the Dominican Republic back on its feet and firmly on the Caribbean map!

Esther, Ruth & Al

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