For a Dream Vacation

The Dominican Republic

...could be the answer!

After another year of hard work you deserve to reward yourself with that dream vacation!

We propose that the Dominican Republic could provide the perfect scenario for the fulfillment of that dream!


This website has the objective of providing a wide ranging resource of ecelectic and useful information for anyone planning a dream vacation...Perhaps you are someone who has maybe heard a little already about what the Dominican Republic has to offer...and who is seeking some confirmation about all the riches you can discover on a visit there!...

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Playa Juanillo, Dominican...
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Well, we hope you will find all the evidence, advice, links and tips you might need here onsite to convince you that the DR is truly a great place for that Dream Vacation...And if you do not find what you need to know...then by all means ..use the 'contact us' form and send us a query (BUT we send you apologies in advance for any tardiness in replying...our new baby..and a few-thousand other distractions including our 'NEW' Ethical Business do sometimes interfere with us spending all the time we would like on this 'voluntary' project!)

For a lucky few - maybe even YOU - then beyond a dream vacation - perhaps the Dominican Republic could be the place to find your 'dream property in the sun'. As I write this (it is August 2006) and we are seeing ever more positive press about the huge potential an investment in property in the DR could prove.

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Cape Samana, Dominican Republic
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Property prices have already seen handsome increments over the last three years. The recent long-needed 'sage management' of the economy, which has been tough to endure for many poor Dominicans, is at last beginning to pay-off in terms of increased foreign investment - which will begin to prove beneficial to all as the country continues to thrive.


If you are thinking of investing in a property in the Caribbean sunshine - take a look at our new Dominican property pages now for more tips and advice...the DR could prove a 'dream investment' as well as a dream vacation venue, if you are quick enough!!

Happy dreams - we hope you enjoy - exploring the site!

Ruth, Esther, Alan & Aimee(7months!!)

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