'Beisbol' - Not the only reason so many people make a 'home-run' for the Dominican Republic!

'Beisbol' - Not the only reason so many people make a 'home-run' for the Dominican Republic!

If you are a baseball aficionado then the Dominican Republic (or DR as it is often referred to) is a great place to combine your sporting passion with an unforgettable vacation. The ‘winterball’ season in particular sees some of the games biggest names returning to their family homes in the DR to play at local stadiums to the adulation of local Dominicans, almost all of whom are complete ‘beisbol’ fanatics!

The Dominican Republic is not quite a tropical paradise - but we’d say that in a lot of ways it comes pretty close. Predictions are that the DR will go from strength to strength over the next few years as people increasingly realise what a wonderful wealth of exciting activities and landscapes it has to offer.

Brilliant baseball is only one attraction that the DR hosts. From whale watching to bird watching; exhilarating sea fishing for ‘big game’ like marlin to gentler pastimes such as superb snorkelling; terrific terrain for hiking and cycling; adrenalin pumping sea-sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding to just as much adrenalin, inland, from white water rafting, canyoning, caving, jungle trekking and mountain climbing...and so on!!!! The DR has it all.

But let’s not forget what many people visit the DR for - the sun and sand! With over 300 soft, white, typically tropical beaches (many virtually deserted much of the time) the DR is probably the best place in the Caribbean for these too.

Along with wonderful tropical forests, waterfalls, mountains (Pico Duarte is the highest in the Caribbean, and that’s the pinnacle of only one of three mountain ranges in the DR) and even desert areas, the DR has something for every taste. It also has superb Parques Nacionales and many unspoilt, and untouched areas (it's a pretty big place so is by no means over developed and touristy except, perhaps, in one or two 'well known resort' areas).

As the Island of Hispaniola, on which both the DR and Haiti reside was ‘discovered’ in 1492, by Christopher Columbus, it is also not short of historically and culturally fascinating attractions. For example, the capital City, Santo Domingo, is the oldest in the so-called ‘New-World’, and the ‘Old Town‘ (the Zona Colonial) is a ‘must-see’ visit for that day away from soaking up the year-round sun.

In fact, the more that people can be encouraged to give up the ‘all-inclusive mentality’ and take the independent traveller route the more that both the tourist and the people of the DR will be happy!

But what about those thinking of more than just a vacation in the Dominican Republic? Well, it is becoming recognised that the DR is a haven for speculators seeking the ‘next big thing’ in property and business investment .

At the moment the DR offers some of the most attractive prices in the West Indies for villas, fincas and land!…Though these are set to rise over the next few years as the so-called ‘best kept secret of the Caribbean’ becomes recognised for the very special place it is. People like ex (US) President Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary, Antonio Banderas, ‘J-Lo’, Julio Iglesias and many other ‘celebs’ have already staked their claim!

And we haven't even mentioned the tax-free trading incentives for new business ventures... which are making the DR one of the best places to ‘relocate’ to or establish a new enterprise in.

Travel to the DR is becoming increasingly easy and economical, and staying there can still be one of the best bargains in the Caribbean. Cheap local accommodation is widely available, and the DR truly offers the vacationer the chance to get to experience the atmosphere and surroundings of the true Caribbean - something the smaller, and better known destinations can no longer absolutely promise.

So whether you are...

  • ...Looking for the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the local ‘beisbol’ fanatics, and to join them screaming for some of the World’s best players at one of the main stadiums in Santo Domingo, or other ‘baseball crazy’ towns…
  • ...Or you prefer to hike through old coffee plantations and refresh yourself in a cascading waterfall in Jarabacoa...
  • ...Or you want to relax with the family on a safe, sheltered, beach in a lovely sea-side resort like Sosua...
  • ...Or your desire is to skim the waves at breathtaking speeds harnessed to a giant kite by day and dance the night away doing the sexy merengue with the locals – in Cabarete...
  • ...Or you just want to laze away the days in a barely discovered corner of the picturesque Samana peninsula, like Las Terrenas or Las Galeras...slowly sipping a Dominican rum cocktail! ...the DR offers something for everyone. We would be first to admit that the low cost of living in our country, and the economic pressures of recent times have led to some of the indigenous population experiencing the problems of real poverty. So the financial boon that tourism brings is essential to the future prosperity of our people. But with the sun shining almost every day of the year, even the occasional hurricane (once every ten years or so) can’t wipe the permanent smile of the faces of some of the friendliest people you will ever meet! The Dominicans! ***
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