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Carnaval Time in the DR

Commonly referred to as La Vega, the city of Concepción de La Vega, is the largest in the central Dominican Republic and the third largest city of Republica Dominicana -- after Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros. La Vega Carnaval in February every year, however, can likely claim to be the biggest and best on the Island!

Concepción de La Vega Carnaval Masks

The local industries are mostly agricultural production based and include cacao, coffee, tobacco, rice, and cattle.

There is also a diminutive but well-regarded brewery in La Vega Cervecería Vegana known for its pilsener-style beers, called Quisqueya and Soberana.

La Vega also hosts a factory where the famous sausage Induveca is produced.

The patron saint of La Vega is La Virgen de las Mercedes, celebration day for 'La Virgen' is September 24.

La Vega Carnaval La Vega Dominican Republic Carnival

La Vega Carnaval!

February is known as Carnaval month in La Vega, and the local Carnaval is arguably the most famous such event in the whole of the Dominican Republic.

El Carnaval Vegano is celebrated each Sunday in February. This event brings to this city thousands of tourists each year. If you are seeking out one of the best Carnaval experiences in the Caribbean then you should head for La Vega in February -- and be prepared to 'let your hair down'!

Some of the highlights of the Carnaval month in La Vega, Dominican Republic, typically include:

  • Miss Carnaval Vegano pageant: in this pageant the Queen of the carnival is crowned.

  • Crowning of the King: the 'coronation' of the King of the carnival also takes place.

  • Opening parade: the signal that the carnival period has begun! It's usually celebrated days before the carnival (on this occasion without full costumes and regalia).

  • Concert: every Sunday after the carnival a concert with popular singers takes place.

  • February 27: This is Independece Day in the Dominican Republic. In the morning there is a parade in which the schools march and dance, etc.

  • March 1: the closing parade. The Carnaval month comes to an end with the final big 'shindig'!

  • Caribbean Carnaval in La Vega Dominican Carnaval Masks
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