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Someone asked about Punta Cana excursions, tours and adventures - in order to arrange some diversions during their wedding day Caribbean honeymoon in this superb resort area in the Dominican Republic.

Here is the advice about Bavaro area and Punta Cana excursions that we provided - in case it helps anyone else...

It's true that due to Punta Cana's location on the far East coast of the Dominican Republic - and the fact that it has been specifically 'developed' to cater for the luxury All-Inclusive market (in the main) most everything you can do will have a touristy bias. To get away from this would entail some traveling into the interior and maybe spending one or more nights out of resort, and organizing accommodation at another place to get a feel of the real DR. This might be an adventure in itself! Best undertaken in a Dominican hire car perhaps.

But of course there are also various providers of Punta Cana excursions with varying degrees of adventure to be had, in the Punta Cana/Bavaro area. Some examples that we have rustled up would include:

Your travel company/hotel will obviously offer you similar options but they may cost more than direct booking.

If you were just looking for some interesting days out then you must see the capital City, Santo Domingo - a fair trip - and again better if you had a night to stop-over. And also - Altos de Chavon - it is typically touristy but worth a visit and quite a romantic setting. You could always take a car, and book a (very economical) night or two over in somewhere like Bonao for the real interior DR experience - it would be a contrast to your Punta Cana luxury?

If you were in the DR for long enough and could afford to get around to the North coast for a while - we always recommend Iguana Mama - for as you will see they have some real eco-adventure options that would probably fit your need - sadly just not really convenient unless you do venture away from your luxury AI for at least a few days!

Oh - and do take a look at our wedding day checklist in case there is anything there you may not have thought of - hope this helps!

We hope you have a really great time whatever you do. Even if Punta Cana excursions really does mean traveling away from the area for a day or two for a real Dominican adventure!

Visiting the Dominican Republic

P.S. For a bit of adventure simply take one of the great Dominican bus services and enjoy a cheap tour. It's a great way to see many parts of the Dominican Republic without breaking the bank. Our Dominican bus timetables could help you plan your trips - grab a free copy now.

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